Tristan Pollock

Serial entrepreneur | VC 500 Startups | Forbes 30u30

 San Francisco

I'm a combination of a business entrepreneur and startup investor, writer, and mystery designer. I believe in growing companies via mission-driven community movements. That’s my specialty. My superpower is building relationships.

I've helped grow a Fortune 100 company in Best Buy and I've started and sold 2 startups. I've written articles for Entrepreneur, VentureBeat, The Guardian, StarTribune, The Startup, and Startup Grind. I've bootstrapped and I've raised $10M in venture capital. I've also been a VC and invested $30M into over 200 startups. Did I tell you I'm a Gemini?

I grew up in Little Valhalla (aka Minnesota) and put in 6 years in San Francisco (aka Silicon Valley City). More recently I spent 2 years traveling around the globe with my soul partner in life Danyelle visiting 60 countries and supporting thousands of entrepreneurs by running startup programs in far off places like Albania, Russia, Saudi Arabia, and Vietnam. Building startup ecosystems is at the core of my work.

I'm always excited to talk philosophy and I will definitely pet your dog. Oh, and I love saunas, banya, hot springs, and all thermaculture. You betcha! Skol!

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Built and sold 2 startups as a business-side entrepreneur.

Grew revenue to $20M in 2 years for the last company by building a nationwide movement.

Raised $10M in Silicon Valley venture capital and invested another $30M as a VC.

Ran, built and coached at over 70 startup accelerator programs supporting over 10,000 entrepreneurs.