Antanas Bernatonis Student | Head of Business Development

Antanas Benatonis is a 22-years old head of business development at Montonio Finance and business school student at Vilnius University

Antanas worked with companies in various fields as well as with the events and projects for youth empowerment in the countryside.
Tristan Pollock  
 San Francisco
Movement Builder | VC 500 Startups | Head of Community at | Forbes 30 under 30
Tristan Pollock is a combination of a business entrepreneur and startup investor, writer, and mystery designer.

Mr. Pollock helped to grow a Fortune 100 company, started and sold 2 startups, and invested $30M into over 200 startups as a VC at 500 Startups.
Sanjay Nediyara
Developer turned Entrepreneur | Forbes fellow
Sanjay currently is a founder and CEO at Sieve, Inc. and StartGlobal helping businesses go Global.

He lost 80% of hearing in 2010, got a job paying $120 a month to learn how to code, was invited to work in Facebook but rejected to continue with his startup, which was later backed by Twitter co-founder Biz Stone.
Mike Merrill  
 Los Angeles, CA
World's First Publicly Traded Person
Mike Merrill took crowdfunding to a new level when in 2008 he divided his ‘self’ into 100,000 shares and sold them at an initial public offering price of $1 a share.

Mr. Merrill was featured in Wired, Forbes, CNBC, Yahoo Finance, The Hustlle and other largest media as the World's first publicly traded person.
Christopher Fong 
 San Francisco Founder
Chris is a founder of - group of Google alumni and current Googlers in the startup ecosystem who are startup founders, early team members, angel investors, VCs, and mentors.

Currently is advising and launching companies in the online education space.

Kym Jackson
 Los Angeles
Actress / Author / Founder
Aussie working actress living in Hollywood with over 50 credits in film and TV.

Kym wrote the book 'The Hollywood Survival Guide For Actors' and she is also a co-founder of Secret Actor Society - a website and app that helps actors get started in their career.

Odunayo Eweniyi
Serial Entrepreneur | Forbes 30 under 30 | Co-Founder of Piggyvest
Odunayo Eweniyi is a tech entrepreneur. She previously cofounded, one of the largest job sites in Africa with the largest database of prescreened candidates.

She is the youngest Nigerian on Forbes Africa list of 20 New Wealth Creators in Africa 2019.
Antanas Bernatonis 
Student | Head of Business Development
Antanas Benatonis is a 22-years old head of business development at Montonio Finance and business school student at Vilnius University

Antanas worked with companies in various fields as well as with the events and projects for youth empowerment in the countryside.
Juliet Kasko  
Global Talent Builder
Juliet has helped numerous startups and established businesses scale and undergo change by connecting them with the best talent, partners and investors.

After finishing Executive Master in Consulting and Coaching for Change at INSEAD, Juliet continues leading successful organizational and personal transformations.
Bret Lockett
 Los Angeles
Partner M2Jets | Newport Ventures | Former NFL Player
Bret is a serial entrepreneur, leading business consultant, international speaker, and a former NFL American football safety.

Bret has been an investor and a member of the executive team for several companies, including his partnership with private aviation company “M2Jets” and Newport Ventures.

Niel Robertson  
 Los Angeles
Serial entrepreneur | Co-founder, CEO of
Niel is a serial entrepreneur who made 5 successful exits, including selling his companies to Cisco & Twitter and currently running

He is an icon in startup community, selling his first startup Service Metrics for 280 millions at age of 24. Niel loves building startup companies and working with great teams.
Artem Goldman  
 Los Angeles
Artem is a tech entrepreneur and angel investor. In 2016 he co-founded Visabot - an AI platform for U.S. visa process, which was featured as the best solution by Bloomberg magazine.

Artem is a member of the Stanford CodeX community, 500 startups, Adam Drapper's, Founder Institute.

 New York
Fashion designer, The Off Label
Aya is an entrepreneur and fashion designer. In her 20s, she successfully ran her spa business in SoHo. Aya was one of the first who implemented online booking system for spa business what helped her to grow her business.

After exit from spa business she started her fashion brand "The Off Label".
Gaurav Shahlot
 Mumbai, India
SVP, Disney+ Hotstar | Entreprenuer | Angel Investor
Gaurav is the youngest SVP at Disney, heading monetisation products (subscriptions & adtech) for their video streaming service in India & other countries.

At 22, he co-founded Musicfellas, an online music discovery platform which was eventually acquired by Times Internet. Currently advising & investing in early stage startups.
Maxim Sapozhnikov
  Santa Clara, CA
Stanford MBA/MS Graduate, Venture Investor, Googler, Rapper
Max is a Stanford MBA/MS Graduate and VP at a Pomegranate VC which focuses on last-stage startups. Max is joining Google's TI Finance team, and will be responsible for investments in AI/ML.

Max envisions himself as an impact-oriented leader focused on creating value and driving positive change.
Nick Byrne
Technology, society & the next economy
Nick is an adventurer and technologist. His goal is to inspire people to pursue ambitious goals for themselves and society.

Nick is the founding director of TypeHuman, a technology & design studio working with leaders who are navigating tech change and its implications for society, and the next economy.
David Kofoed Wind  
CEO, Peergrade (YC S17) | Venture Partner at Pioneer Fund
David is a co-founder and CEO of Peergrade (YC S17) and a venture partner at Pioneer Fund.

Before starting his Ph.D., he co-authored 6 scientific publications on abstract math and algorithms. David has competed in a series of competitions on entrepreneurship and innovation.
Christopher Pruijsen
 Lisbon, Portugal
Founder and Product Manager
Since 2015 Christopher has managed the discovery, design and development of well over 100 software and 4 IoT/hardware products as a freelance product manager, across a wide range of industries, company stages (pre-seed through to Fortune 50), geographies and technologies.

Chris is a Product Manager and Founder focused on social impact.
Paul O'Brien
 Austin, TX
CEO, MediaTech Ventures
Paul O'Brien is a serial entrepreneur, CEO of MediaTech ventures and tech industry veteran. He is working in Venture Capital Economic Development, serving investors and entrepreneurs, for the better part of 25 years.

He is also a Founder and Director of Funded House and of the Founder Institute in Texas.
Daria Davidova
Opera singer, Soprano
Ms Davidova is a professional opera singer, soprano. She started her career from the Bolshoi theatre debut as an inviteé soloist during her study at Convervatory.

The most recent engagements were in the USA, Japan, France, Austria (Musikverein), China, South Africa and many others.

Andrej Rusakov  
 New York
Seed investor and entrepreneur
Mr. Rusakov is a co-founding partner at Data Capital Management - a systematic hedge fund built on real-time data feeds and AI.

Mr. Rusakov previously founded Open Capital and worked for Morgan Stanley and Apax Partners where he was involved in $1 billion worth of buy-outs worldwide.
Daniel Hepworth
 Massapequa Park, NY
Student, Entrepreneur
Dan is a junior at Duke studying computer science and finance. He also involved in three startups, two of which are in the educational technology space and one of which in the food technology space.

He considers himself as someone with a strong growth mentality, using everything as a learning opportunity.
Scott Amyx 
 New York
Venture Partner at Loyal VC | Amyx Ventures | TEDxWallStreet | Forbes Business Council
Mr. Amyx is an internationally recognized thought leader, VC, speaker, and author on smart cities, exponential technologies, and the Fourth Industrial Revolution.
Mr. Amyx is a Partner at Loyal VC, Amyx Ventures, Singularity University Mentor, Organizer of TEDxWallStreet.
Dr. Maren Schweizer  
CEO at Schweizer World
Dr. Maren Schweizer played key roles in spearheading reorganization processes and leading strategic turnarounds in the automotive and aviation industry.

Dr. Maren Schweizer was leading strategic partnerships with blue-chip companies in Germany and Southeast Asia, Board Member at Meiko Electonics (JASDAQ).
Luc Bossi  
 Paris - New York
Film producer at Brio Films
Luc is a film producer based in New York and Paris. The films of his company Brio Films have been released internationally in more than a hundred countries.

He has worked with unique talent with global recognition such as French director Michel Gondry, Audrey Tautou, Ken Scott, Dhanush and Bérénice Béjo.
Jill Salzman 
Founder | TEDx Speaker | Author
Jill Salzman is currently growing her third entrepreneurial venture, The Founding Moms, the #1 platform for mom entrepreneurs to build better businesses.

She’s also the author of The Best Business Book In The World and the best-seller and the host of the top-rated entertaining business podcast.
Sasha Reid  
 Melbourne, Australia
Angel Investor | Startup Mentor | Founder of Hyper
Sasha is the founder and CEO of Hyper, a global platform helping people turn their ideas into successful businesses.

Having over a decade worth of experience in digital and more than 5 years launching start-ups, Sasha has helped over 350 founders launch some of the biggest success stories in Australia (Splend, Shebah, RIDE, etc).
Anatoly Corp  
 Silicon Valley
Tech Entrepreneur
Anatoly is a tech entrepreneur with an engineering background.

Anatoly moved to the U.S. almost with $0 at the age of 19 and started 2 startups from that time in the U.S. He raised more than $240.000, did $100.000 in the first 3 quarters of his first company, and participated in 2 U.S. Accelerators.

Bence Nagy  
 Digital nomad
Engineering Experience & Culture Coach
As one of the first 5% of engineers at, scaled the team and tech as monthly turnover grew by 12x and had a successful exit.

Bence is an engineering culture evangelist, digital nomad and CEO of Under where he is helping engineers and business create better software, faster.
Vadim Rogovskiy 
 New York
Tech Entrepreneur & Angel Investor
Vadim is a serial entrepreneur and investor. He is a 3x founder backed by the most prominent investors - 500 Startups, Boost VC, Natalia Vodianova, and others. Currently running 3DLOOK to transforming fashion retail and manufacturing industries.

Vadim is also a mentor & advisor at 500 Startups accelerator and multiple startups.
Alexis Bedoret  
 Belgium - Los Angeles
Hands-on investor, Serial entrepreneur
Mr. Bedoret built and sold his first online e-commerce to a big corporation at the age of 14, and has 15+ years of building and investing in startups with expertises in tech.

Alexis is helping entrepreneurs to validate ideas fast, focus on customers that ready to pay and raise their first check.

Michael Amar 
Serial Entrepreneur | Investor
Michael is an entrepreneur with expertise across the worldwide marketplace including US, France, Israel, and Japan.

Sold 4 companies in the (e-commerce, digital marketing and blockchain space). Investor and advisor in 10+ funds and startups.

Sergey Fradkov  
 Israel - United States
Investor and entrepreneur
In 90’s, Sergey founded a pioneering mobile platform and one of the largest BlackBerry ISV companies, which was later sold to Google.

In 2013 founded a startup accelerator ranked #3 in Europe, served as technology visionary and advisor to the portfolio companies.

John Wensveen
 Fort Lauderdale, USA
Chief Innovation Officer, Applied Futurist, Author, Speaker
Dr. Wensveen is CIO and Executive Director of the NSU Broward Center of Innovation at NSU responsible for overseeing a multi-million dollar public private partnerships to support the growing entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Prior to this role, Dr. Wensveen was the Vice Provost of Academic Schools at Miami Dade College.
Langston Richardson 
 United States
Founder, The Lifejoin Foundation
Lang has helped build products, devised campaigns and behavioral insights for Fortune 500 companies, start-ups, public institutions and people across the world.

Key achievements includes the team that generated over $80 Million in online subscription sales with a marketing and sales budget of less than $5 Million.
Sergey Doronichev  
 Menlo Park, CA
Immersive Technology Manager @ Schlumberger
Combining roles of Immersive Technology Manager and Subject Matter Expert, Sergey has a special interest in creating VR/AR solutions that will completely change the way people interact with digital data in Oil and Gas world.

Sergey is also passionate about new technologies and helping entrepreneurs to discover new markets.
Ilya Flaks  
Entrepreneur, VR/AR & Gaming
Started his first business at school. In 2014 founded Fibrum — VR/AR software and hardware producer for Steam, Oculus, etc with 65M+ users worldwide. In 2019 Flaks and LANIT started R&D center to develop VR/AR for Enterprise.

In 2019 Ilya joined DEAL app as Advisor/CVO together with Natalia Vodianova and Matthew Freud.
Silja Voolma, Ph.D.  
 New York
Behavioral designer, Olympic athlete performance coach
Silja Voolma is the founder of Behavioral Design Global, an NYC-based design consultancy with the mission to create accessible, delightful and equitable digital experiences.

Dr. Voolma led the implementation of patient-centered precision medicine technology for the national healthcare system in the Republic of Estonia in 2018.
Karen Summerton  
Actress, comedian, writer, and director
Karen is an actress, comedian, writer, and director. She wrapped a horror-thriller feature film before the pandemic called The Improviser, made by Rebel Lens Films.

She co-wrote a few sketch-comedy pilots for ABC, and also directed and acted in a pilot for Disney XD called, "Not So Super."

Chetan Dalal 
Coder turned VC turned Entreprenur
Chetan graduated from IIT Kanpur in 2015 and had a chance to wore several hats in his professional career.

Chetan was a coder in Google, a quant in Goldman Sachs and a VC at Nexus Venture Partners. His previous startup Memer recently got acquired by ShareChat.

Narek Hakhnazaryan
 Austria, Vienna
Internationally acclaimed cellist
Narek Hakhnazaryan has performed with most major orchestras and in recital and chamber music across the globe at many of the world’s most prestigious festivals.

He has been described as “dazzlingly brilliant” (The Strad) and “nothing short of magnificent" (San Francisco Chronicle) and the LA Times said “His command of the instrument is extraordinary”.
Joanna Picetti
 London, UK
Congresswoman | Politician, Futurist, Activist, Global Shaper
Joanna is a politician and activist, she stands for Human Rights, especially Children Rights, and Women Rights, and also for all vulnerable and oppressed people. (Indigenous, black people, South Africans, refugees, Latinos, people discriminated by religion or ethnicity and LGTBQ)

Joanna is a former Congresswoman of Republica of Argentian.
Zachary Snader
 Los Angeles, CA
Collegiate esports evangelist | Maximizing human potential
Collegiate esports evangelist, entrepreneur, and startup investor. With his latest collegiate esports startup raising $96M, Zachary is on his mission of changing the world through connective power of gaming and esports.

The Taysom Hill of gaming. Investing in people and building a more equitable world since '91.
Angela May 
Director of Social Purpose
Angela is the Director of IM Dream, Inc, a network of companies dedicated to supporting women entrepreneurs and social causes.

Angela nurtures initiatives that are close to Angela's heart like supporting single or low-income moms and their babies.

Konstantin Dubovitskiy 
 Los Angeles
Podcast founder, beginning investor.
Konstantin is the founder of Fundraising Radio - a podcast about startups fundraising that covers success stories over the hundreds of millions of dollars.

Konstantin is also a beginning investor - he works for a Make It - tech startup venture studio focusing on idea stage startups.
Aleksey Karpov  
 Genesis block
Cryptography, math and financial revolution.
Aleksey is a lead engineer and founder of - cryptocurrency processing platform spotted by Charlie Lee, founder of Litecoin.

Passionate about cryptography, DeFi and active open source contributer. Regular security & DeFi hackathon winner.
Gabriella Uwadiegwu 
 San Francisco, CA
Software Engineer @ Twitch | Co-founder of WeTech
Gabriella is a software engineer at Twitch, and the co-founder of WeTech, a non profit initiative driving women into tech spaces in Nigeria.
She is passionate about the intersection of feminism, technology, and entrepreneurship. Also, Gabriella is working on a few passion projects that are coming soon.
Brian Swichkow  
 Los Angeles
Artist, Entrepreneur
Brian Swichkow is a serial entrepreneur, labeled as a Reddit Marketing Expert by Forbes, AdWeek, etc.

Went viral in 2014 and earned 7M impressions and 30K backlinks within few minutes. Augmented himself with AI. In 2019 together with John Zdanowski he co-founded One, Inc - a member-owned co-op for an innovative entrepreneurs.
Jefferson Nunn 
 United States
American Innovator
Jefferson Nunn been a consultant to high-net-worth individuals since 1999. Innovative thinking helped him to generate $100M+ in one year for Ronco Corporation and GoWireless.

Jefferson has been involved in the cryptocurrency industry since mining my first Bitcoin in 2010.