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What is HumanIPO?
HumanIPO is a human equity exchange for human shares backed by time of issuers.
What is human equity?
Human equity is a financial asset that derives its value from personal achievements of an issuer. Human equity are based on the most finite resource individual has – his or her time. Each unit of human equity grants a holder of the asset one hour of time of the issuer.
What is the valuation mechanism of human equity?
Value of human equity is driven by the classical supply and demand for the hour of time of issuing individual. The demand is driven by the personal achievements of the individual – the more successful issuer is, the more in demand his or her time will be. The supply is driven by the human equity outstanding on the marketplace – human equity is destroyed once it has been used, and human equity could be bought back and destroyed by the issuer.
What are the market appreciation opportunities for human equity holders?
Holders of human equity will benefit from the personal achievements of the issuer as well as decreasing supply of the given human equity. Strategic selection of the human equity issuers will allow to fuel their issuers’ success while benefiting from increasing value of their time.
What are the human equity redemption scenarios?
Human equity grants an immediate access to the issuer of this asset. Therefore if someone needs to have access to the high-impact individuals -- founders, CEOs, VCs – one can come to platform, find the individual of interest, buy the respective human equity from existing owners and exchange for predetermined amount of time.
Why choose human equity over traditional financial instruments?
Human equity offers an opportunity to benefit from individual success that offers a greater appreciation potential and lower volatility. Greater appreciation is backed by more diverse growth opportunities available to an individual vs. enterprises. For example, personal value of founder and CEO of publicly traded company will be based on equity of that company that he or she owns plus all the other engagements, personal investments, media engagements that he or she has through lifetime. Lower volatility is supported by fewer elements affecting the personal value, there is very little to none effect from macroeconomic conditions, geopolitics, speculations and Wall Street’s estimates.
Why issue an human equity?
Human equity allows a completely new way to raise funds for personal projects, development and growth. High-impact individuals can fuel their success by leveraging their social capital through human equity offering. Human equity holders will provide capital, support and social impact increasing chances of overall individual success.
What are the qualification to be an issuer of human equity?
In order to qualify for human equity issuance and individual must present a verifiable track-record of entrepreneurship, professional achievements or income generation. Platform is mainly created for serial entrepreneurs but is open to the top executives, high-grade professionals and established artists.
What is the initial issuance mechanism of human equity?
An individual who wishes to do an Initial Private Placement (IPP) has to leave the request on the platform. HumanIPO does a thorough validation of qualification, necessary due diligence and gives a permission to initiate an IPP. After that individual has to commit a certain amount of hours that will be used as a base for human equity issuance. Once the price and size of offering has been validated, negotiated, and finalized on the platform, issuer can proceed with IPP.
What are the regulations of human equity and its underlying obligations?
Human equity is built around a principles of crowdvalidation where holders of human equity collectively vote on the issuer adherence to original obligations, secondary issuances and/or changes to the original obligations. Issuers who do not pass the quarterly crowdvalidation will not be able to do any secondary issuances or raise any other funds on the platform.
What is the secondary issuance mechanism of human equity?
An existing issuer can choose to do consequent issuances of human equity given newly announced time commitments. Secondary issuance is only possible if 75% of existing human equity holders support such move. There is no limit on secondary issuance throughout lifetime as long as current human equity holders support the issuance.
What is the minimal size of the investment?
$100 is a minimal investment size. The price of each human equity is determined by either market pricing or negotiated during the initial private placement (IPP).
What are the platform fees?
For issuance platform charges 10% of the raised amount similar to classical investment banking fees. Unlike investment banks only 3% goes to the platform revenue, while 3% goes into the HumanIPO back-up fund. For transactions, platform changes 0.5% per transaction per leg.
Your transactions with human equity on the marketplace will be treated as a digital asset per tax regulation in your country. HumanIPO will distribute a yearly ( Jan – Dec ) statement to each participant of investor’s realized and unrealized gains in the chosen currency.
What if the issuer dies or becomes physically unable to render the committed time?
In case of death or severe physical degradation, HumanIPO will use its backup funds to partially compensate human equity owners for the no longer available service.

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