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Apply for your IPO

Apply for your IPO

Let your network to invest in you.

Let your network to invest in you.

What people say about us

What people say about us

"Everyone has people who are invested in their success, and now there is an ROI on that investment."

K. Mike Merrill
The world's first publicly traded person, Founder of KmikeyM

"HumanIPO is a platform with ancient roots. Talents should invest their brain and knowledge in existing ventures and make them happen and innovative.

Moshe Recanati
Software engineer at Facebook Calibra

How it works


This is Mike.

Mike is working on something cool.

He is new, so his time costs almost nothing.

There is a network of people who believe in Mike’s success.

Mike is willing to sell 500 hours of his future time to anyone who believe he will succeed.

Now everyone can invest in Mike.


5 years later Mike becomes very successful.

Now thousands of people want to learn how he succeeded.

Now Mike's time costs a lot.

Mike's shares have gained in value.
Mike's investors get a solid return.




See how much more your investment can grow with Human IPO vs. S&P 500.

Before announcing an IPO we have an investigation process reviewing financial records, past business performance, and a personal health check.

Target Return
10 years
Estimated Term
70 / 100
Background Check
Estimated Risk
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Some facts

Some facts

*Based on data from Charitybuzz

Tim Cook
Apple, CEO
610,000% over 30 years

For $610,000, someone has bought the opportunity to have coffee with Apple CEO Tim Cook at Apple's headquarters.

Rafael Nadal
Tennis player
150,000% over 18 years

$150,000 to score a private tennis lesson with Rafael Nadal.

Marissa Mayer
Yahoo, CEO
91,000% over 24 years

$91,000 to enjoy a power lunch with Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer at Yahoo!'s headquarters.

Elon Musk
SpaceX, CEO
50,000% over 23 years

$50,000 to tour the SpaceX Center in Los Angeles and have lunch with CEO and Chief Designer Elon Musk.

What we do

What we do

Discover the most promising people

We look for games changers - people who change the world. We analyze personal and traction data to identify their growth rate.

Human equity

We handle of all the legal and compliance work. We use ML to estimate and forecast the value of the personal time of individuals throughout short and long terms.

Investigate and background check

Before announcing a new placement we have an investigation process with individuals that includes reviewing financial records, past business performance and personal health check.


Time is a high-liquidity asset with proven demand. The HumanIPO exchange is an open market, where any participant is able to liquidate his or her human equity holdings. Market dynamics correlates with the human capital dynamics of the issuers.

Become an investor

Become an investor

Invest in people you believe in.

Invest in people you believe in.