Turn Your
Fans Into

Issue shares backed by your future time.
Trade them just like stock.

HumanIPO is a new way to build a direct relationships with your community.

Featured in

Featured in

How it works

How it works


Discover your true fans

Share your profile with your community.
Let them buy & redeem shares in you.


Interact with shareholders

Let your fans bid to redeem shares on your terms. You can accept or decline.


Monetize your attention

Your share price goes up as more people buy or redeem.


Make an impact

Select to donate part of the proceeds to charity of your choice.

The new creative economy

The new creative economy

"The most valuable brands of the future will be people — we empower those who are changing the world.
Builders, creators, and dreamers deserve freedom to create, while we deserve a way to invest in them."


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