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HumanIPO is a new way to build a direct relationships with your community.

What people say about us

What people say about us

"Everyone has people who are invested in their success, and now there is an ROI on that investment."

K. Mike Merrill
The world's first publicly traded person, Founder of KmikeyM

"HumanIPO is a platform with ancient roots. Talents should invest their brain and knowledge in existing ventures and make them happen and innovative.

Moshe Recanati
Software engineer at Facebook Calibra

How it works


This is Mike.

Mike is working on something cool.

He is new, so his time costs almost nothing.

There is a network of people who believe in Mike’s success.

Mike is willing to sell 500 hours of his future time to anyone who believe he will succeed.

Now everyone can invest in Mike.


5 years later Mike becomes very successful.

Now thousands of people who want to learn how he succeeded.

Mike's time have gained in value. Mike's shareholders got their return.

What we do

What we do

Discover promising people

We look for games changers - people who change the world. No matter where are you based and what is your current status, anyone can apply.

Realize the liquidity

Time is a high-liquidity asset. We turn time of promising people into tradeable shares. With an open market, you can always liquidate your investment and realize the market gain.

Get guaranteed access

Ever wanted to ask how to succeed in the new venture? Just buy time, redeem for a conversation, and save days of networking.

Build social capital

With HumanIPO, you can turn your passive followers into active shareholders. Let them promote your work, and their investment will grow with you.

Join our community

Join our community