Gabe Cohen

Software Developer, Digital Rights Activist, Futurist


A well-respected Software Developer with a passion for Privacy and Decentralization. I've worked extensively on Verifiable Credentialing and Decentralized Identifier technology and Blockchain-based solutions. I'm interested in maximizing individual liberties, fighting for privacy-preserving technologies, and making things more efficient.

I believe in informed skepticism and the revitalization of critical thinking. My passion is to leverage technology to enable new types of interactions and to actively build the future we want to exist in.

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I've been advocating for digital rights since high-school, where I won Best Delegate for my bill on Net Neutrality at Yale Model Congress.

I love the outdoors. It's a goal of mine to visit all the National Parks. I've been to 20 so far.

I'm incredibly practical, driven, and detail oriented. My preference is to get a solution working quickly before getting it right.

I've made a commitment to be anti-BS. I get straight to the point and won't hesitate to call others out when something doesn't pass the sniff test.