Gabe Cohen

Software Developer, Innovator, Futurist


A well-respected Software Developer with a passion for Privacy and Decentralization. I've worked extensively on Verifiable Credentialing and Decentralized Identifier technology and Blockchain-based solutions. Interested in preserving individual liberties, fighting for privacy-preserving technologies, and making things more efficient.

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I've been advocating for digital rights since high-school, where I won Best Delegate for my bill on Net Neutrality at Yale Model Congress.

I love the outdoors. It's a goal of mine to visit all the National Parks. I've been to 20 so far.

I'm incredibly practical, driven, and detail oriented. My preference is to get a solution working quickly before getting it right.

I've made a commitment to be "anti-BS". I get straight to the point and won't hesitate to call others out when something doesn't pass the smell test.