Christopher Pruijsen

Founder and Product Manager

 Lisbon, Portugal

Christopher is a Product Manager and Founder focused on social impact.

Since 2015 he has managed the discovery, design and development of well over 100 software and 4 IoT/hardware products as a freelance product manager, across a wide range of industries, company stages (pre-seed through to Fortune 50), geographies and technologies.

Some of the companies he has worked for include Gigster (YC S15), Toptal, Udacity, and SiFive.

Previously, he co-founded a crowdfunding platform for teachers to fund projects in their classrooms, which funded materials for 8000+ students in Mexico in 2018-19 (, tech handed over to Teach for Mexico), an award-winning education technology startup which was active in Lesotho & Chile between 2013-15 (, and a non-profit which organized hackathons on buses across 16 countries in Africa (StartupBus Africa / Ampion, active between 2013-15).

In terms of education, he is studying towards an executive MBA at the Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University next to his work (OneMBA, expected graduation June 2021), graduated from Hack Reactor (San Francisco, HR44, 2016), and dropped out of a PPE degree at the University of Oxford in 2013.

Education Management Nonprofits Startups Technology 
Offer size 150 / 500 hours
Redeemed 122.96 hours
last traded hourly rate
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Over the last 5 years as a product management consultant his time sold for US$100-200/hr on average (depending on the nature of the work, contract duration etc).

Originally from the Netherlands, over the last 10 years he has travelled to 55+ countries, worked on 4 continents, and worked remotely with teams & clients spanning 6 continents.