Vinish Garg

Founder, Product Owner

 Chandigarh, India

I work with product teams for product validation, onboarding and UX, the customer story-driven product narrative, and the brand narrative strategy. My work involves the product strategy validation for the brand message, from conversions to onboarding, and for the customer success cycle.


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If you are about to launch a product, I have a one hundred percent record of helping you redesign a few things to improve the onboarding.

If you have recently launched a product, it is very likely that I can suggest some updates in product positioning if I get a chance to review.

I bring cohesion, clarity, and growth culture in the product teams by unifying the systems, operations, and goals around the bigger narrative. For example, the way sales teams pitch is disconnected from the pitch on the website, in chatbot, or in support emails. It dents the customer's confidence and hurts the NPS. I iron out the fragmentation for a 360 degree purpose-driven investments in the product strategy and Ops.