Anatoly Corp

Tech Entrepreneur

 Silicon Valley

Anatoly is a tech entrepreneur with an engineering background. He moved to the U.S. almost with $0 at the age of 19 and from that time incorporated two companies.
Anatoly is interested in:
- Mobility & Transportation
- Energy
- Space
- AI
- Robotics
- Nano and Biotechnologies

And believe these industries will change our future.

Bestmap is an aggregator of all transportation in one app. Bestmap now has 300+ mobility partners incl. Lime, Citybike, Sixt, Uber... in 25 countries and data from 15,000+ cities around the world.

Fueltime is a mobile fuel delivery service to drivers and companies via the app. Fueltime raised >$350.000 and became profitable in a year after the first revenue.

He is also a president of a startup that makes smart electric chargers for Electric vehicles in Russia and the U.K.

Technology Transportation 
Offer size 100 / 500 hours
Redeemed 0.50 hours
Ticker CORP
per hour rate
$31.00 +158.33%

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His life goal is to change the world by inventing new technologies and inspire people to create something new.

Anatoly studied 7 years in a military school and participated in two accelerators. He is a member of the Founder Institute and Starta Ventures communities.