Mikhail Korsanov

I am creating automated psychotherapy, psychological consulting and coaching!


* In psychology since 1987.

* In psychological consulting since 2004.

* 93% of clients are satisfied.

* Author of 4 books on psychology.

* Author of several new psychotherapy methods.

* Author of remote self-help cources for achieving of soul comfort.

I am creating an app, allowing to alleviate negative emotions and fears, and to improve by 5 soul comfort in 2-8 weeks.

Pilot project is in Russian for resentment:

88% of users feel their emotion of resentment alleviated in the first hour of using the app.

Now I am planning to build a full-fledged app for work with all emotions and internal conflicts without psychologist or psychotherapist.

My self-help course works for most of its users. Most probably, the app will work still better.

I am planning to give away free use as a demo, so that people can feel alleviation of their emotion. To consolidate the effect, user may buy access to the full functional app. One will pay something like 14.99$ per month for access, and work systematically with any of his or her emotions to achieve soul comfort.

Later I am planning to add automated psychological consulting (solving life problems) and coaching (fasciliation of goal achievement) to functionality of this app. This will allow to keep people paying for a long time, because while negative emotions may run low soon, users will return with new and new life problems, wishes and goals.

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I am creating an app for automated psychotherapy, proven to help 88% of its users.

I started up 6 businesses, each profiting during 1-7 years.

I am author of 4 books, with total audience of over 500,000 readers.

I am author of a new psychotherapy method, allowing almost any person to alleviate almost any negative emotion in 7 seconds.