Joni Galvão

The Storyteller

 Brasil / São Paulo

As the title mention I have been working for 20 years with Storytelling, helping brands, companies and people to create and tell powerful Stories.

I used to work with Robert McKee, the master that helped PIXAR to understand how a great Story can lead them to the top of filmmaking industry.

The name of my company is THE PLOT, and we have PLOT STUDIOS that create, produce and pos-produce videos, series and presentations. Algo PLOT ACADEMY, that have online courses and in-company courses.

Also, I have an online platform with great minds that leave their legacy, with life lesson for the client that buy a membership ticket. We use the same method, based in Robert McKee, to write the script from this masters.

I have created the presentation industry in 2003 with my former company called SOAP (State of the art presentation). It was a revolution. Today we have more than 30 companies working with th same method I have created. I sold my company to my partners in 2013 to open a Storytelling company that makes all kind of expression, not only presentations.

I have a premisse that we don´t have to talk about us directly. It´s stronger if I write a story with all elements (acts, inciting incident, protagonist, forces of antagonism, and much more) and after the story the audience will have a conclusion about my qualities and also vulnerabilities, because a good plot tell the truth!


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I ended the boring presentations in Brazil and opened a new segment

I was the representative and partner of Robert McKee, considered the greatest reference in scripts in the world.

I created a new online course approach that blends entertainment with knowledge. Instructors are great minds who leave their legacies. Ex: Xuxa (Google it and feel the strength!)

Twenty years ago I proposed to my wife, with eleven dogs, in my apartment, simulating a wedding. I'm glad she accepted even with this madness!