Sasha Reid

Founder and CEO of Hyper | Angel Investor | Startup Mentor

 Melbourne, Australia

Sasha is the founder and CEO of Hyper, a global platform helping people turn their ideas into successful technology businesses. Having over a decade worth of experience in digital and more than 5 years launching start-ups, Sasha has helped over 350 founders launch some of the biggest success stories in Australia (Splend, Shebah, RIDE, Socialbase, Kubo, Magic Mountain).

Sasha's mission is to ultimately empower every idea so that it has the best possible chance of success, regardless of the founder’s experience, background, network or capabilities.

Small business Startups Technology 
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Mentored founders in over 350 startups across Australia and the UK

Helped founders raise $32m in Angel / Seed capital in 2019.

Founder and CEO of a start-up accelerator operating in 3 countries.

Responsible for building the most successful equity crowd funded startup in Australia.