Ara Ujo

Head of Blockchain Innovation


I’m an explorer of new technology, developer, father of three and cryptocurrencies monkey. Building futures with blockchain, cryptocurrencies & distributed systems outside the mainstream.

I have 23 years working with technology, software development, GNU/Linux and free software.

I'm worked on the multitude open source projects including Slackware, Ubuntu, Fedora, Litecoin, Rootstock, Steemit, Santiment, Ardor Platform, NXT, Mybit, Wirex and more.

I'm also a passionate serial entrepreneur, investor, and blockchain evangelist since 2010.

I built and sold 3 blockchain startups for multinational groups.

• Futurism Thinker;
• Free Software Advocate;
• GNU/Linux and Unix Expert;
• Mainframe COBOL Programmer;
• Full Stack and Mobile Engineer;
• Cryptocurrency and BC Researcher;
• Blockchain Engineer;
• Corda Developer;
• Hyperledger Fabric Developer;
• RSK, Ethereum, Tezos, Ripple Developer;
• Distributed Ledger Technology Expert;
• DeFi (Decentralized Finance) Lover;
• The Bitcoin Lightning Network Fan.

With technology, crypto & freedom we will all prosper.

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In 2013 I founded the first platform in the world of sports predictions based entirely on cryptocurrencies, called bitkup.

In 2014 I founded the first clothing and accessories brand in South America for lovers of cryptocurrencies.

In 2015 I founded the first Brazilian cheese store that used blockchain to track the entire production and supply chain.

I built and sold 3 startups for multinational groups.