Darius Dužinskas

Chief People & Marketing Officer

 Vilnius, Lithuania

Employee experience & Employer branding expert, C-level executive, and a People person.

For almost 15 years I have been raising my competencies in HR and employer branding fields in different companies. I have been the Chief People & Marketing Officer in IT company Baltic Amadeus for the last five years.

I have always believed that IT is the future, it is the field where marketing and People functions meet halfway to create the best possible value for this challenging industry. As an innovator from nature and a fan of constant changing I strongly believe in synergy findings inside our organizations.

Being the Chief People & Marketing Officer in an IT company means facing challenges every day. Still, recruiting talents, developing and nurturing internal culture, helping people to grow in many different ways, and empowering Employee Experience design brings satisfaction.

Now I am a strategist, lead of different collaborations, and manager of the teams which deliver various creative solutions to support main business goals. But I can't say no to the different fabulous hands-on HR activities I work on every day.

As well as Baltic Amadeus I strongly believe that the main reason business exists is people. They are the most important value that helps me make People and Marketing decisions every single day.

Human resources Technology 
Offer size 10 / 500 hours
Redeemed 0 hours
per hour rate
$20.00 +0.00%

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