Carlos Lastres

MBA | Creative Director | Biohacker| TEDx Speaker


My name is Carlos Lastres, a Costa Rican-native and current China transplant. I’m an MBA, Software Engineer, and UX/UI designer currently living out my dreams as the Creative Director for Kaiyan Medical, one of the largest, most innovative LED light therapy manufacturers in the world. I’m passionate about the incredible benefits of light therapy, biohacking, and the integration of traditional Chinese medicine as ways we can all live healthier and more balanced lives. Working in the light therapy sector, I’m able to tap into my design and creative skills, as well as my background in sports, and I’m eager to work with like-minded brands and individuals in making their light therapy device dreams a reality through Kaiyan.

I have over 11 years of experience working for companies all over the world and pride myself in being able to work cross-culturally with people in Latin America, Asia, Europe, and the U.S. I have been featured on Chinese media such as CCTV4, “In Zhejiang”, FM89, and delivered a TEDx Talk in Hangzhou, China in 2019.


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I'm half Costa Rican half Cuban living in China

Seeking balance using light therapy and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Creative Director - Software Engineer - MBA