Konstantin Dubovitskiy

Founder, beginning investor.

 Los Angeles

I founded my first business when I was 15 and was producing Big-Bags and selling them to Germany and Hungary.

I'm not in Forbes 30 under 30, none of my businesses were acquired by Google or Facebook. In fact, all of them failed. Even my first podcast "Broke Not Broken" focusing on failed startups - failed, what an irony. But I keep working and every step I take brings me closer to success.

But hey, no one said that you have to be a growth investor and invest in people who already reached significant results – you might as well be a value investor and put your money on someone (yet) undervalued.

Despite the fact that my title says "beginning investor" I'm broke and put it in my title because I work for a venture studio and host a rapidly growing podcast on fundraising for startups acquiring decent amounts of knowledge in the startup investing field.

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I work for an LA-based venture studio – Make it Studio

Made first business selling big-bags, not tech

Host a podcast on fundraising – Fundraising Radio

I'm 20 years old