Jessica O'Leary

Founder of Hydrofood

 Dublin, Ireland

Jessica O'Leary is an out and out futurist. First and foremost a big picture thinker, everything in her career and personal life has stemmed from being a systems thinker. A biochemist by trade, she worked in business development in Silicon Valley before launching her own biotechnology company 🌱 Hydrofood. She consults corporate clients on strategy and business executives on personal growth - from a Gen Z perspective. She is a fallibilist, an appreciator of art, aesthetics and is always down for a challenging conversation. You can learn more and hear her in action on her podcast πŸ”Š"breathe, no one has a clue".

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I speak four languages fluently, and have just started Mandarin as a fifth.

I've spent time on every continent excluding Antartica.

Passionate conversations are my favourite thing to do.

You can't have enough of a good thing but you can have too many good things happening at the same time.