Lorenzo Castagnone

My dream was not to build a company.


Since i was very young my entire focus went on creating not a single business or company, but on creating a *business environment* where customers are not reached outside my company, but are created inside my business environment.
With this *nindo* ( Naruto's fan will understand ) in mind in the first 7 years of my career I created 2 succesfull profit-oriented company ( one with a bank involved ) and 1 no-profit organization that cooperate each other in a business environment that every year keep growing up.

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Won more than 10 Hackathon and Startup competitions around europe :)

Created 4 startups, 2 failed and 2 succeeded. Now there are 2 more in the pipeline, one in validation period, and the other one on prototyping.

With the no-profit organization aimitaly.org we organize various high school seminars and strive to educate students from all over Italy on the entrepreneurial mindset, and how to avoid internet gurus.