Bence Nagy

Developer Experience & Culture Consultant

 Worldwide, Digital Nomad

Yeah, hello there! Introductions are difficult, so… let’s hop right in :D

I’m Bence Nagy. I usually go by ‘underyx’ online. I currently travel the world as a digital nomad, as the CEO of Under. I’m available as a Developer Experience & Culture consultant for your business — to help your engineers create better software, faster.

I keep getting lost in trying new things. But a couple interests that have stayed with me for a longer time are rationality, video games, and design.

And finally, I have a request for you, dear reader: please contact me with whatever problem you’re facing right now. Even if you think I cannot help with it. The harder, the better. Seriously, I love difficult problems. Thank you!

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One of the first 5% of engineers at, scaled our team and tech as monthly turnover grew by 12x and we had a successful exit.

Proudest moment: after 3 years at, we polled engineers on what their values are, and “Transparency” came up as the top response, much unlike when I joined. After spending years preaching, fighting for an open company culture, I consider this a personal accomplishment.

I’m a fairly prolific speaker: so far, I’ve written 14 presentations that I’ve held at 18 events in total. Check them out at

Serial hackathon winner, most recently here: