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Liudas is a story teller based in Vilnius, Lithuania where here reports for The Associated Press. After numerous journeys to war zones, prisons, palaces, investigations and interviews with outstanding humans around the globe he decided to take a bold turn from active editor-in-chief position and turn a new page.

He started taking people to journeys in most remote places like New Zealand and Australia as a tour leader - with plentiful experience and colorful stories. In 2020 he wrote and published book tiled Fish which took the wrong door - stories from six continents and 50 countries. After its success Liudas started teaching audience creative writing, critical thinking and deep curiosity - a forgotten value that some of us need to be taught once again.

Companies involved

* Associated Press
* Fox News
* Playboy Inc
* Lietuvos rytas daily
* Schibsted
* 15min news portal
* Travel Planet
*Balto printing house
* news portal

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My motto. He who has a why to live for can bear almost any how.

My values. Family. Nature. Homeland. Writing.

My goals. Share experiences of 20 century with the challenges of 201st.

My regrets. I had I few, but then again - too few to mention.