Luca Cosentino


 San Francisco

I built/launched/managed products at Google, AmEx, and P&G. I am constantly analyzing present and future trends to develop intuitions, which I then validate with data.

Throughout my career I have experienced product roles that required go to market, analytics, customer interviews, field sales, and engineering skills. I worked in large companies and startups. I was a founder myself. I can align, lead, and grow teams from 2 to 50 people.

I am currently at Oasis Labs creating the infrastructure for privacy-preserving applications; I joined as the first non-software engineer employee and helped the team move from a research project at UC Berkeley to a 35-person venture backed startup, raising $45M from a16z, Accel, Foundation, etc.

As an angel investor and advisor, I look for ambitious teams that work to exploit the depth of their breakthrough insight. DeliveRex (acquired by JustEat) and Keyless (raised $3M in seed) are a few examples.

I am excited about companies building infrastructure layer to support complex and enormous markets, especially in FinTech. If you share similar interests, I’d love to connect.
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