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Juliet Kasko is the Founder of Global CxO, a Singapore based Talent Search and HR Advisory Boutique dedicated to accelerating the growth of technology companies.

With a global network of innovative executives and a strong belief that the team and reputation are the biggest assets of any company, Juliet has helped her clients scale and undergo change. She works with globally dispersed portfolio companies of a blockchain-focused regulated fund LunexVC based in Singapore and a Canadian fund LoyalVC.

She has been advising founders on HR and Talent Acquisition Strategy, mentoring entrepreneurs and speaking at events to share her knowledge and experience. Also helping nurture startup ecosystem in Singapore by running PItchLab – an event for entrepreneurs to train their pitching skills.

After finishing Executive Master in Coaching for Change at INSEAD, she continues leading successful organizational and personal transformations, also providing tailor-made "Career in Transition" coaching for executives.

Before starting her entrepreneurial journey in 2012, Juliet gained over a decade of experience working with MNCs managing Global Key Accounts.

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I love smart passionate people creating new things!

I have changed my industry/career four times and help others to find answers within to undergo a professional and personal transformations

During a global war for top technology talent, your success depends on getting it right the first time. I'm helping founders to grow their business sustainably, focusing on the main asset - People.
Even if you haven't defined your culture yet, as you're "too small" and "the product is your priority", it already exists ;)