Smit Sanghrajka

CEO & Founder


Smit Sanghrajka is a graduate from Florida Institute of Technology, with a bachelors in Mechanical Engineering and minor in flight technology.
Upon graduation, Smit has worked in various industries from a local startup in Melbourne, Florida, to a private jet manufacturing company; Embraer.
Upon completion of his time, he incorporated various 3D printing techniques at his manufacturing facility in Kenya that houses over 140 injection molding machines.

Adix Plastics Ltd, is now one of East Africas largest injection molding firms.

Smit has been featured on TEDx where he speaks about the 4th industrial revolution and how 3D printing is breaking barriers to become the next industrial revolution.
He spoke about the applications of 3D printing in the local market, medical, aerospace, aviation and outer space industries.

His leadership in new technology and being at the frontier of 3D printing attracted the attention of a local news channel K24, where he appeared as the breakfast guest, shedding more light on the progress of additive manufacturing in Kenya and East Africa.

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