Eyad Hasbullah

Fintech | eCommerce | Lean | Design Thinking | Solar


I'm an eternal tourist, having lived in four countries and three continents.

I've undergone a career change, successfully.

Somehow, I've managed, I think, to be able to come across as knowing something better than the average person in several fields.

I've aimed high and learned a lot. Probably going to be one of those 40 year old entrepreneurs.

I'm a business angel in Malaysia. And a corporate peon, for now.

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I've been involved in raising more than USD 8 million for various corporate (or internal) startups.

Panel Business Coach for a early-stage fund in Malaysia since 2015. I have coached companies that have gone on to be sustainable and be award winning.

I got top submission in the Oxford Fintech Programme. Also top submission in my undergraduate acoustics degree in the final year. Also invited to train Malaysia's only Fortune 500 company in Acoustics Induced Vibration.

Since the coronavirus related lockdown, I've been able to save almost half my monthly income.