Semyon Fomin

Managing partner @ Sovet#1

 Moscow, Russia

For the past 10 years my focus was on technologies, that I address via several projects of my own and a numbers of partnerships. My approach to business is based on:

1. Best practices from the industry leaders;
2. Unique competencies developed and learned from my partners;
3. Strong desire to act in the best interests of my clients.

I believe that great companies are made of exceptional people who constantly iterate to make better products for the smarter world. My lifetime goal is to be one of them.

My idea of a business success formula: strong expertise + talented team + focus on growth.

Economy Education Management Professional services Real estate Small business Startups Technology 
Offer size 100 / 500 hours
Redeemed 0 hours
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Involved: I'm either in it or I never start it in the first place.

Creative: Most of the times I try to find a different way and troubleshoot the problem.

Likeable: I tend to build long-term connections and appreciate people, most of them do the sane for me.

Challenging: I challenge myself and my network to take risks and be better versions of who we are and potentially can be.