Vicki Lau

Multi-Hyphenate Artist, VFX/VR Pro, TEDx & Keynote Speaker


Vicki Lau is a multi-hyphenate artist, content creator and entrepreneur.

Vicki started as a humble student of digital media back in the small city of Singapore with a background in visual effects in film and television and computer programming. Without any contacts or connections in the United States, she began her career at the age of 18 from Singapore, working her way up into the Hollywood film industry and landing her first break working on AMC's hit series, "The Walking Dead" (Season 4), as well as other movies such as "Guardians of the Galaxy," "War for the Planet of the Apes" and "Aquaman," whilst working at mobile and VR early-stage startups in Silicon Valley and Beach.

Already recognized by her country and by major organizations as an expert in her field, Vicki has made great strides for someone her age. At only 24 years of age, she was one of the youngest speakers and presenters at the SMPTE Annual Technical Conference in its time, where she was a panelist and speaker for virtual reality in motion pictures.

She gave a TEDx talk on visual effects and virtual reality in May 2016 at Napa Valley, CA and in November 2018, was invited to speak as a keynote speaker at Elliot Masie's Learning 2018 conference, along with keynote speakers Former First Lady Laura Bush and Hamilton star Leslie Odom, Jr.

Today, Vicki teaches over 80,000 students from 182 countries VFX skills & career tips from the Hollywood VFX and film industry.

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Was offered 3 scholarships to further her education in the United States.

Founded a Singapore VR startup where the business (which was set up with a 100% remote working infrastructure), with a total of 18 collaborators from 5 time zones, developed and launched a VR game on the Oculus Store within 7 months.

Has directly led in-person and remote teams as large as 40 people.

Worked with over 30 production companies, studios and filmmakers as a VFX and VR specialist/professional.