Brian Swichkow

Entrepreneur, Myth Maker

 Los Angeles

Swichkow is a serial entrepreneur, digital marketer, and myth maker; creator of stories that tell themselves.

Swichkow is a Board Member and Founding 📝Citizen at One Inc Cooperative; a member-owned, member-controlled corporation making space for a more ecologically aligned human experience.

Managing Partner, 📝Spirit Studio; a startup studio incubating belief-driven projects, projects, and people, those like 👇
Co-founder, Spiritual Bro; creator of 📝Spirit Check browser extension, the world's first "spell check for your spirit"
Maker, (aka Brian+); Swichkow's AI-augmented self that organizes events, teaches marketing, etc.
Founder, Mythos One; a multidimensional communication platform, called "a new medium" by Second Life CFO
Co-host, 📝Symposium; a fortnightly, LA-based gathering in space made for 📝co-creativity and 📝play.

Advertising Arts Business and personal coaching Marketing Other Startups Technology 
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Went viral in 2014 after pranking his roommate with Facebook ads, earned 7M impressions and 30K backlinks

Labeled a 'Reddit Marketing Expert' by Forbes, AdWeek, Observer, etc. and its 'Least Hated Advertiser' by himself

Augmented himself with AI and became Brian+ (; enhanced community building, agency sales, storytelling, etc.