Patrick Prothe

Marketing Pro, Team Builder, Nimble Problem Solver

 Portland, Oregon

The secret weapon for helping business owners and leaders build businesses that scales or reimagine a business that’s stalled.

For more than 20 years I've lead marketing strategy and execution for technology companies, both hardware and software, as well as professional services. I build and mentor nimble, high performing teams, helping them achieve more than they dreamt possible. I have the innate ability to see the big picture along with the steps required to achieve a bold vision.

Through curiosity, creativity and collaboration I thrive on taking what’s raw to create something that makes a transformative impact on people and markets.

A native Oregonian, I think both linearly and in circles, creating connections where none previously existed. Always curious and constantly learning while asking a lot of what if we tried…. questions, I draw on the latest thinking in neuroscience and study the ways our brains respond, choose and buy.

Business and personal coaching Marketing Professional services Technology 
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