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Mr. Sandeep Pandit is a positive, spiritual, foodie, and a nature-loving person. He is the Life Alchemist & Founder of Soul in Harmony.
Soul in Harmony is a Bangalore based unique and fast-growing ‘Mindfulness Wellness and Personal growth’ organization focused on Self-awareness, Empowerment, and Transformation.

Soul in Harmony’s mission is to help 100,000 individuals achieve self-mastery through super success, true
happiness and inner peace and transform them to become Peaceful warriors.

He is an ex-corporate with almost 2 decades of successful experience in the corporate role with organizations such as IBM, GE and CRISIL, and some others. He is also a writer and soon-to-be author of the book - “From Universe to University and Back”. He is qualified as an MBA and M.S. in Psychotherapy and Counselling.
Sandeep’s has also written for Thrive Global, a Global online wellbeing magazine by Arianna Huffington. The article is titled – ‘Slow Down to Speed Up’
• He was featured on US Podcast show ‘Warkry Radio’ about – ‘Slowing Down to Speed Up’ in March 2020

• Sandeep is accredited by Mindful School, California as a global Mindfulness Trainer and Educator for teachers and students globally.

• He is a globally certified Corporate Mindfulness Coach (he underwent Corporate Mindfulness Train-the-Trainer Training in Europe)

• He is also globally certified Executive Leadership Coach at John Mattone Intelligent Leadership (IL) Coaching, USA

• Sandeep also has global certification in Emotional Intelligence (EI) by Six Seconds, USA

• He was a part of Ukrainian TV Reality Show

• Sandeep was featured in UK Health Radio (UK radio channel) in the Global series about Self-Discovery.

• He was awarded ‘The Most Innovative Life Coach of the Year’ by APS Media and Research

• He is also a certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, NLP Practitioner and Reiki Grandmaster

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I was featured on UK Healthradio as an expert on Self-Discovery in 2015

I blend Spirituality, Science, Psychotherapy with Mysticism for my Personal Transformation Session which nobody does

I am a globally certified Mindfulness coach for corporates and Schools

I have represented India in Ukraine's TV Reality Show - 'International Psychic Challenge' in 2013