Aivaras Vilutis

Science ambassador, futurist

 Vilnius, Lithuania

Coming from a small town in Lithuania didn't stop me from thinking big, planet level big. I've recently gained research experience at NASA. In my teenage years, I had a dream to become an actor and star in science fiction movies, but soon I've found out that being a scientist and shaping up the real future feels even better. So right now I always feel like I am in a new blockbuster movie when I’m working at the laboratory, cinematic music plays in my headphones and I think to myself: I could do this all day, all night. Science, futurism, technology and education.

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In my second year of studies, I got placed at NASA for an internship. Still looking for extraterrestrial life.

Astrobiology (not to be mistaken with astrology, smh) is my passion, thus I am skyrocketing to become the first astrobiologist in the region.

I am a storyteller at heart. Over 30000 people are following me and I share honest stories on topics from personal life to simply, science.

Among the best students in Vilnius University Life Sciences Center, continuously receiving nominal scholarships.