Daniel Hepworth

Student Entrepreneur

 Massapequa Park, NY

I'm currently a junior at Duke studying computer science and finance with the intention to graduate a semester early, in December 2021. Outside of school, I'm involved in three startups, two of which are in the educational technology space and one of which in the food technology space. I consider myself someone with a strong growth mentality, using everything as a learning opportunity. My dream career is as an angel investor and venture capitalist, and I view the best pathway to get there being a successful founder first, in which I'll acquire the capital, network, and knowledge to invest in great companies.

Business and personal coaching Economy Education Finance Management Other Startups Technology 
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I'm one of the youngest in my grade, as I skipped a year of school. I skipped a year of preK because I was reading at a level well-above my peers.

I started my first company, The Massapequa Tutor (, in high school!

I had perfect attendance in high school, and the plaque for which is bigger than my diploma!

I cold-emailed Mark Cuban and got a response!