Leon van der Laan

On a mission to make purposeful work the only standard.


The world went remote overnight. A development that normally would have happened in 3-5 years, now happened over the course of 6 months. It's a true revolution, and remote work is here to stay. But this revolution is much more than just a physical shift of our working location. It's a revolution that pushes companies to rethink everything that they do, from leadership to processes, from culture to people development.

We have a window of opportunity here, to change the way we work forever and give people purpose and fulfillment through company cultures that are designed to let people thrive.

I'm an ex-corporate with 20 years of experience in leading people, and building teams. I now passionately dedicate my time and energy to building more purposeful organizations. One company at a time.

In the future, I see the use of AI to build purposeful company cultures and jobs where people feel fulfilled. I believe that leadership nowadays uses too little data to drive HR / cultural decisions. But actually, culture is much more measurable than one might imagine.

I believe that when people feel more purpose and fulfillment, they are more engaged, and more engagement means higher profits. Profits can be used to develop sustainable/social new ventures to restore this planet.

Everyone deserves to feel fulfilled in their job in company cultures that respects human nature.

That's why it is my life mission to give a piece of that to this world.

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At age 17, I had my first leadership role in a company.

I've dropped a successful corporate career to start all over again as an entrepreneur with a mission.

7 days, is the longest I ever went without food (voluntary).

Failed 3 times to start a business, losing € +6fig in the process.