Marius Ciuzelis

Investor / Business Angel / Social entrepreneur


I’ve spent 20 years in Private Wealth Management working for various financial institutions to finally find myself being lost in social entrepreneurship.

Since 2014 I run M. Čiuželio labdaros ir paramos fondas (M. Ciuzelis Charity Foundation) and it's core project Sidabrinė linija (the Silver Line) - a free of charge befriending and support line, providing information, friendship and advise to the lonely and isolated old age people (

My areas of expertise I can discuss for your benefits not only pleasure are:

> Traditional & Alternative investments: I've been investing for the last 20 years.
> Hedge funds research and due diligence: raised $400m+ for hedge funds from investors in Asia, Europe, USA and Middle Easts.
> Angel investments: invested in electric city bus Co and now expecting Tesla's like valuation, looking to add another one in TelCo space.
> Impact investments & Social entrepreneurship: investing with and for social impact.
> Business & Social responsibility: transition from being good to doing good
> Endowments: my next big thing (and area of interests) on agenda.

You can trade my past and present experience, knowledge gained and lessons learnt in finance, investments, wealth management, social entrepreneurship as well as off-business (for profit and not for profit) topics I’m passionate about: Wine, food, art, bonistic, travelling, haute horlogerie, road biking, high altitude mountaineering.

All proceeds will go to our family's charity foundation - M. Čiuželio labdaros ir paramos fondas (M. Ciuzelis Charity Foundation).

Business and personal coaching Finance Nonprofits Startups 
Offer size 100 / 500 hours
Redeemed 8.60 hours
last traded hourly rate
$250.00 +150.00%

All the proceeds go to M. Čiuželio labdaros ir paramos fondas (M. Ciuzelis Charity Foundation)

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I'm a self-made businessman, investor and philanthropist.

While investing I always prefer active v passive, contrarian v conventional approach.

I deeply believe that in today‘s rapidly changing, fiercely competitive world, you don‘t simply find opportunities. You must create them. Creating opportunities fuels performance.

I've experienced remarkable journey from zero to hero three times already (and twice in between to zero again) - that helped me mature both as an individual as well as a professional.