Karolis Merkys

EdTech Startup Co-founder, ex. P&G Director, Stanford Candidate


On a mission to make the world a better place by disrupting education, I build digital products and extreme teams truly believing that nothing is impossible. I am passionate about Product Management, Mobile Cloud Platforms, and water sports.

Within a successful technology director career, I co-led a business model disruption by building global mobile consumer and internal products on the cloud, which are still used by millions of monthly active users in markets like the US, JP, DE, and Europe. I innovated in areas of Receipt Scanning, Couponing, Points Management, Rewards Catalogues, Image Recognition and Machine Learning, Beacons, Connected Devices, Cloud, and DevOps.

I am now disrupting education as a co-founder and CPO of a blended micro-learning EdTech startup Emotika.

Invest in me now! I will use all contributions to deliver my next big edTech Idea and you will enjoy 10x returns once I succeed. Alternatively, you can use my time to talk about
- startups or corporates
- product management and leading product teams,
- tech innovation (check my LinkedIn for details)
- motivation to have a good life and career

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Made a 10 year Technology Director career at Procter&Gamble building global digital products with millions of monthly active users in markets like US, JP, DE

Made impossible possible from idea to Ironman Triathlon completion in 9 months using youtube as my coach.

Co-founded an EdTech Startup which launched a product, got sales traction and positive cash-flow in a year. Will raise 1M+ seed round this year

Got accepted to Stanford Executive Education program where I am building world-class network that will result in many future opportunities