Alex Sopinka

Entrepreneur | Founder & CTO at Obie | 500 Startups Alumnus

 San Jose, California

I'm a serial entrepreneur and always have a side project on the go to learn something new. I eat, sleep, and breathe code... and tacos.

I've helped grow Obie from day 1, turning nothing into $500K in annual revenue, with very minimal investment ($200K USD). I've built Obie into a complex and secure cloud solution, with most learning done on the job before we had customers... but it's helped me gain familiarity with cloud architecture and DevOps. My main programming languages, in no particular order, are:
Node.js, MongoDB, React, C#, ASP.NET MVC, MS-SQL

I'm a Canadian, hailing from a small city outside Toronto, and currently live and work in San Jose, California where I'm opening up Obie's operations internationally while gorging on In-N-Out and then hiking it off.

I'm always excited to talk current/future tech, help write code, debug issues if I can, configure Cloud environments, and just be another set of eyes to unblock people. I've also got insight into growing a business into something real, and a ton of general life lessons I'd be happy share.

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I got my Mathematics degree from the University of Waterloo (many many moons ago).

I used to work in the corporate world as a software consultant before abandoning it all to chase my dreams.

I've been writing code since I was 5 years old and estimate I've written 100,000 lines of code in my lifetime (although who really knows).

I love doing crosswords and it's turned me into a walking thesaurus and a pretty decent writer for a tech guy.