Anton Sabinin

Expert. Crowdinvesting&HCI, Online P2B&P2S


Good afternoon, colleagues. My name is Anton Sabinin. I'm 27 years old. In 2014, Im received a bachelor of law degree from the HSE. After that started studying corporate finance and alternative investment. Now work in, where I promote alternative investments, such as crowdfunding. In my spare time, I am developing my own digital ecosystem with risk protection for investors-producers-ideas-IPI, which will make P2P investments more accessible to everyone. The element of producing in the ecosystem allows you to partially reduce risks and increase the attractiveness of human capital as an investment resource.

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Human Capital Researcher

Crowdfunding platform promotion In Russia

Creator of the P2I Platform project-digital ecosystem for human capital development. We have developed a unique model for protecting collective risks by integrating production into the ecosystem- (investors-idea-producer) = IPI Ecosystem.

I want to create an aggregator of global communications of human resources that will allow everyone to create large projects in one day from anywhere in the world, with any team, without any restrictions, for free