Vladislav Novikov

Consultant in Investment, Strategy, M&A, Crisis-management


Vladislav is an investment and strategy consultant. Entrepreneur and Investor. Crisis manager.

In 2004 he headed the investment department of Sotsgorbank. Managed an investment fund and a family office. In 2006 rescued several large enterprises as a crisis manager. In 2008 Vice-President of the Chekhov-Auto automotive dealership holding. In 2014 he was founded several business projects.
Has extensive networking among investors, business angels, professionals, Forbes people. He has established contacts with entrepreneurs from Russia, USA, Italy, Germany, Great Britain, Cyprus.

Has a high-quality business education and courses from leading world universities. Studied at Yale University. Took a management and a strategy courses with renowned professor Julian Birkinshaw at London Business School.

Work creatively, discovering new ways of solving problems and applying ready-made recipes, cases and solutions available.

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Managed an Investment Fund amount $200mln.

Rescued two factories, a retail company and a development company out of crisis. More than 2000 people save their jobs.

Managed an Automotive dealership holding ensured the capitalization growth from $6mln. to $87mln.

Founded some projects with a revenues up to $15 mln. of each one.