Langston Richardson

Founder, The Lifejoin Foundation

 United States

An innovation leader in customer experience, product design and technology, marketing, and branding throughout his 30 year career, Lang has helped build exciting products, devised effective campaigns and uncovered behavioral insights for Fortune 500 companies, start-ups, public institutions and people across the world. His teams have been responsible for successful application launches for major brands. Key achievements includes the team that generated over $80 Million in online subscription sales for a recruitment site/workforce planning platform with a marketing and sales budget of less than $5 Million.

An early adopter of ML technology, Lang’s work on the development of conversational interfaces and machine learning UX for the Department of Energy has led to a new path towards a new approach to the development of seamless Human/AI experiences and is the spark that began Lifejoin.

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Over the last 30 years, both as an innovation leader of in-house design efforts and as an executive-level customer experience advocate at several digital agencies, I've led organizations in the marketing, research, content, design and product management of multi-million dollar business initiatives.

At a major consumer electronics brand, I helped formed a centralized global consumer experience organization, transforming the company's digital capabilities (marketing processes, internal systems, CX, brand), operationalize the various design efforts across the global company and deliver inspiring and optimized customer journey in line with the coming brand relaunch key to transforming the company from it’s PC roots towards a digital lifestyle brand, ensuring the delight of customers and building customer experiences that drives measurable business results.

I helped a major retail data provider develop innovative product and retail experiences for its clients. I helped plan, envision, pilot and launch into market hybrid digital and physical experiences; among them are blockchain based loyalty programs, AI-based assistants, VR/AR kiosk customer service and mobile credit card authentication solutions.

Personal Fact: I delivered 5 out of my 6 children.