Shehzan Maredia

Founder and Inventor

 United States

I enjoy using technology to solve problems I see in my community. I believe that by collaborating with people with shared visions, I can innovate solutions to help the world, and that is want to continue doing.

I have worked on many ventures. I founded CrucialLearning, an education-tech platform for higher-level competition training (acquired), and I also founded two nonprofits, CleanHoover and KidsWhoCode, to help address issues of environment and education in my community respectively. I also researched aging by using bioinformatics tools to find impacts of specific metabolomic pathways on longevity.

At Duke, I've grown my knowledge of computer science, math, and engineering, by taking on projects related to self-driving car software, creating models to assess social impact scores of startups, developing quantitative trading algorithms, building an automated system to suppress fires, and more. I founded and helped develop a contact tracing solution for COVID-19, ContainIt (merged to NOVID), and also built a fast-growing platform to connect innovators, Joinly. I am currently working on expanding another profitable business, Peer Networks, which helps businesses reach college students.

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Built an app in response to COVID which gained more than 150,000 users and is used by organizations across the world including top universities like Harvard and Georgia Tech as well as local and regional governments.

Sold education-tech startup in high school. The company was an adaptive learning platform for higher level competition training.

Taking a leave of absence from Duke currently to pursue a new startup venture

I've moved 15 times in my life and didn't live with my parents for the first seven years of my life