Pavel Salavei

Engineering leader

 Hoboken, NJ

My name is Pavel, I help building engineering teams and help building software. I love what I do and have good record of successful projects and achievements as an engineer. Being one of the early engineers at company that was acquired by Walmart for 3.3B in 2016 gave me one of the best professional experiences in my life, and most likely will stay that way for a long time. Having such experience I like to promote great engineering culture and innovations.

Besides JET I have spend time with companies like EPAM Systems (ticker EPAM on NYSE which grew 15x since IPO), Morgan Stanley and iLevel Solutions which was acquired by IPREO.

Experience is a very valuable things, but without further application its worth nothing. I like to build strong teams that can achieve great goals, and I have experience in doing so. I also know what scale is in software engineering and have great experience scaling software to support millions of users.

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Pavel was an early engineer for a company that was acquired for 3.3B in 2016

Pavel loves building effective teams and building software

Pavel speaks English and Russian