Joanna Picetti

Politician, Futurist, Activist, Global Shaper 🌐

 London, UK

I am Joanna (she/her) from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I am Latina. Based in London right now.

I am a politician and activist, I stand for Human Rights, especially Children Rights, and Women Rights, but also I stand for all vulnerable and oppressed people. (Indigenous, black people, South Africans, refugees, Latinos, people discriminated by religion or ethnicity and LGTBQ)

I am a Congresswoman, democratically elected in my Nation, but the whole power system pushed me away and prohibited me from holding the electoral office. (I am a little bit rebel and unmanageable, but I feel they did this because I am young and women and they did not imagine that I would win). When I won they began to torture and force me to prevent me from taking the position. They put me in a legal and judiciary Kafkanian battle and created court cases to harm me to this day. (You know, the politics is so hard, and dirty). Nevertheless, I couldn't stop to stand for my rights and for the rights of all the people who voted in this election. I am running for this.

Right now I am an activist, I support young people because young people through climate change movement are the only ones who can transform this old, violent, and toxic social system. I am millennial and I fell more and more of our generation have to take the power, but with social consciousness, with a "green eye" and alike a “blue wave", we have to act now and take the power in all the stakeholders and change the system at once.

I am an expert in pressing POWER and push for radical, social, and political change to the toxic structures, systems, and cultures that exclude and marginalize vulnerable people.

I am still in this fight trying to raise my voice to tell my story, but not only because is my story, but also because is the story of all of us.

My aim with this team is to empower girls, young women, children, and young people to give them the skills and tools they need to rock the world, to reboot the planet, and to create a new future together, with a new freedom in our jobs. Decentralizing the power and the governments.

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I got a power position being Congresswoman at a very young age.

I got a power position being CEO at my 35 years.

I questioned the president in my country raising my voice in the middle of the Congress (hacking the rules) and the power system pushed me away. I decided to do this because he was lying to the 50 million Argentines

I hacked the rules and I hacked all security systems to enter the Parliament of my country to speak up and raise my voice because the white male politic power abuse they power against women.