Gražvydas Šedys

Enterprise Agile Coach, Consultant and Trainer

 Vilnius, Lithuania

I am an enthusiast of efficiency =)
In my career I have tried myself in various areas: starting my consulting company, then my own tech start-up, working in Telecommunications, Consulting, Banking and IT industries where all the time I was in one way or another responsible for streamlining processes and building up efficiency.
I was a Lean practitioner and few years ago switched to IT. Since then I work with Agile ways of working, building the mind-set in various IT teams and organisations. As Agile is becoming more and more popular and needed in all kind of companies I am trying to build up as much of experience in the field as possible, so that I can become a highly recognized Agile Coach and Trainer.

Banking Business and personal coaching Finance Startups Technology 
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I am a Founder and a Host of first Lithuanian podcast series about Agile ways of working.

I am lecturing in Universities about Agile and personal finance management.

I will be publishing first Lithuanian book about Agile in 2021

I have been a founder of 2 different companies / start-ups