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Human Capital Accelerator

May 20, 2021

In early February, HumanIPO in collaboration with one of the top-ranked business universities in the Baltics ISM University of Management and Economics, launched the world's first Human Capital Accelerator (HCA).

During the program, diverse students of different backgrounds formed into three groups and worked as a team on development of the product idea from 0 to the first prototype. During the program the students had a chance to work with amazing mentors Aurelija Petrauskyte Latake (Head of Product at Trafi), Andrius Zaveckas (CEO at JSC KMT) and HumanIPO Team. Students also took part in workshops on personal brand building by @Antanas Bernatonis$ANTBER: +553.85% and @Vlas Lezin, master-classes by industry veterans, and regular sessions with group mentors to discuss their weekly progress.

HCA participants presented their projects to panel of judges at the Demo Day held on 6th May. Panel members also came from a wide range of backgrounds, where we were excited to have @Marius Ciuzelis$MARCIU: +150.00% (Investor / Business Angel / Social entrepreneur) as a Chairperson.

>The first place went to “Team White” with their project ArtMellier.

The idea, presented by @Karolina Krilavičiūtė & @Greta Valtaitė, mentored by @Niko Amirgulašvili solves the problem of cash flows for inspiring artists.

Buying and displaying art is a long and complicated process for artists and very expensive for businesses who wish to decorate their space. But what if the latest and classical art pieces could be rented out? Restaurants, professional firms, coffee shops can sign up for a subscription service that will deliver the new batch of art straight to their doors every quarter.

>The second place went to “Team White”, the project GoZero of @Ieva Gladutyte & @Mikas Jankeliūnas, mentored by @Kamile Naraite.

Their project “Go Zero” builds on the idea of reducing overconsumption and overproduction while building communities and supporting non-profits. We all have many items that we don’t need and that is just taking space. What if you could give those items away for the small fee that goes towards non-profit with donation matched by corporate sponsors? With “Go Zero” individuals and companies can do that in an easy, friendly and organized way.

The great mission statement, the remarkable ability of the team to adapt to the changes, and the traction they were able to achieve were highlighted during the Demo Day..

>The third place went to “Team Purple” with their idea of expats assistance platform.

An idea presented by: @Neringa Sendrit, @Vaida Abraškevičiūtė , @Vallabh Rao & @Justina Nacevičienė builds on the recently increased mobility of the global workforce. Together with the team's mentor @Gražvydas Šedys$GRASED they found that many professionals find themselves in new countries pursuing traveling, educational, or work opportunities. The new environment has many challenges and there is no support network for new immigrants.

But what if they could be connected to the local businesses, professionals, and community members who can become that network providing for- and non-profit advice, guidance, and help. The idea presented by “Team Purple” does precisely that and it has evolved from student-centric platform to everyone who might need help in the new environment.

As a reward for the successful completion of acceleration, all three teams were given the opportunity to get 1 hour of any Influencer time on the HumanIPO platform. We believe that this award will help them to not lose the momentum HCAers have gained over the acceleration and get the expertise needed to grow in their professional environment.

We would also like to thank ISM University for the opportunity to work with such talented students, the mentors for the expertise and time they dedicated to the programme and the students for their extraordinary ideas and hard work in bringing them to life!