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The Future Belongs to People

Jan 31, 2021

It's Time to Create.

Over the last few years we were able to see a massive shift of economy to personal brand. People realised they can do whatever they love and turn it into full time job - this is where creator economy born.

It’s time to realize the new vehicles that distribute capital among the people, not institutions. Investing in someone’s success today gives you an opportunity to bind and benefit from each other's growth. A world where the people can only rely on debt financing needs a massive change.

HumanIPO is a new way to build a direct relationships with your community and let them invest in you. Discover people who believe in you, connect with them on your terms, build your future together where everyone benefit from each other success.

Shareholders Q&A with Tristan Pollock

On January 20th Tristan Pollock$TRIPOL held his live shareholder-only Q&A session. Shareholders who had as little as 0.01 of $TRIPOL in their portfolio had a chance to participate and ask their questions.

Click here to watch Tristan's Q&A.