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I’m a startup enthusiast. I’m currently working on many projects you may eventually hear about sooner or later. Many of my projects are focussed on environmental friendly solutions and social equality.... Read more

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  There are several “next big thing” projects on the horizon. I currently have a website that will help boost employee productivity and help them last longer in their jobs. If you have considerable followership on social media then this is an opportunity to talk about it once it goes live. Please note: 1 share = 1 minute
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  I’m currently working on a blockbuster retail space renting solution. If you would want to learn more or tell your followers about the next big thing in renting retail spaces, we can have a 2 day seminar or live streaming. Event to hold ideally on a weekend. You can send me a message for more details. Please note: 1 share = 1 minute
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