Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

December 11th, 2023

What is HumanIPO

HumanIPO is the marketplace for buying, selling, and redeeming shares in creators. Each share is redeemable and represents time with a specific creator. Buyers can hold, sell, or redeem shares to collaborate with the creator.

HumanIPO is created for everyone and used by entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, YouTube creators, best-selling authors, scientists, musicians, athletes, and many others. We believe builders, creators, and dreamers deserve freedom to create, while we deserve a way to invest in them.


Shares represent access to the creator, and the creator's attention. Buyers can buy, sell or redeem shares based on creator market terms.

2. Redemption of shares

Buyers can redeem shares based on the options available on the creator's profile. Additionally, buyers can redeem creator shares by sending custom requests to the creator. Redeem requests can be accepted or declined by the creator.

If the redemption request is declined by the creator, buyers can try a higher bid for their request. If the redemption request is accepted by the creator, the creator shares amount for that bid goes back to the creator.

Here are some of the examples of how creators can allow the shares to be redeemed:

  • 10 shares - Collaborate on social media
  • 50 shares - Book a 30 min 1-on-1 virtual meeting
  • 100 shares - Be the first one to listen to your new track
  • 500 shares - Review your product online
  • ... your options here

*Shares marked as [collectible] are non-redeemable and intended solely for collecting purposes.

3. Buying & selling shares

To buy or sell shares you need to open creator's profile and click on the button buy or sell. For instant orders click buttons Buy now or Sell now. To create market offer click on create offer.

To complete buy transaction you need to make sure you have enough balance on your account. You can deposit your balance here.

For trading use our trading terminal here.

4. Shares structure & valuation

The total number of shares can be between 10 and 10,000,000 shares depending on creators' terms. Total number of shares is secured by creator at the profile activation stage and cannot be changed in a future. The initial share price cannot be less than 0.01 USD.

By default we recommend using 10,000 as the number of total shares. For the share price we recommend using one of the following structures: 1 share = 1 minute of your time, or 1 share = 1 hour of your time.

5. Shares volatility

Creators' shares can fluctuate up and down in value over time. This happens because of the limited number of shares available, and the current demand on shares. The higher demand for creator shares, the more people buy. The share price goes up as more people buy it.

6. Bids & redemptions

When redeeming creator’s shares, buyers have to specify the bid amount for their redemption request. If the demand is too high, the creator can prioritise redemption requests based on bid amount.

7. How to manage shares

We recommend distributing creator shares portionally. You may want to to discover your share market value first, therefore we recommend to keep the initial shares distribution up to 10% of total shares number.

Everytime the creator accepts the redemption requests - this share amount goes back to the creator, and can be offered on the market again.

8. Shares activation

The activation process takes from 5 to 10 minutes. You need to create your profile, setup your total number of shares, initial share price, and verify your ID. That’s it.

9. How to get verified mark

We’ll identify your activity on the platform and you’ll be automatically verified. Make sure you’ve verified your ID. Only profiles with verified IDs can have the verified mark.

10. How much can a creator earn

There are no limitations on how much you can earn. It depends on your total number of shares, your share price, and the demand on your shares.

If you have 100,000 followers on social media, we can assume that at least 3% of them are your true fans:

3,000 true fans x $500 per share = 1,500,000 USD

11. How long will it take me to receive my proceeds

You’ll get paid as buyers buy your shares. Withdrawals take from 3 to 10 business days.

12. Obligations & regulation

By activating shares, the creator is obligated to perform the redemption requests that are offered in the profile at the moment of the redemption request.

In case the creator wants to move out from the platform or delete the account, the creator must buy back all the shares distributed, or proceed with redemptions for them. We believe that shares represent the creator's reputation, which holds more value than money and can significantly impact their future.

13. What if the creator dies or becomes physically unable to proceed

Buying creator shares involves risk, potential illiquidity and financial loss. In case of death creator shares are transitioning into collectible category, which means that still can be traded on the market but no longer redeemed.

It's known that for some artists their legacy (physical and digital) often goes up in value after their death, therefore we can assume the same will happen with creator shares.

14. Taxes

Your transactions with creator shares on the marketplace will be treated as a digital asset per tax regulation in your country. For other details please contact your tax advisor.

15. Regulations

Creator shares are designed as digital products for consumption and do not require registration. Our team is actively exploring various DeFi solutions to introduce this type of asset to the broader market in a future.

16. Fees

Creators: 10% of funds raised if you meet your goal. Buyers: 2.99% processing fee. For secondary market transactions, the platform charges 0.5% per transaction.

The FAQs was last updated on December 11th, 2023.

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