Victoria Pavlycheva

Exclusive distributor of luxury goods of UK brands in the beauty industry.

 Moscow, Russia

For 7 years, I have gone through all career stages in the beauty industry in its various directions: from a salesperson of a professional cosmetics consultant and an advertising manager in a fashion magazine to an organizer of commercial events and head of a training center (head office in Berlin) for professional training of salon business specialists.

Now I'm exclusive distributor of luxury goods of UK brands in the beauty industry: I create the go-to-market strategy and their development on Russian and the CIS countries markets (with the support of the DIT in British Embassy in Moscow and the RBCC in London).

Business and personal coaching Marketing Social media Startups Trading 
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I have been working since the age of 18.

Focused on developing women's entrepreneurship in the beauty industry around the world.

The first academic degree is the organization of passenger transportation by rail. Volunteer for the Olympic Games in Sochi.

I'm an environmentalist and healthy lifestyle advocate.