Silja Voolma, Ph.D.

Behavioral designer, Olympic athlete performance coach, Entrepreneur

 New York, New York

Silja is the founder of Behavioral Design Global, an NYC-based design consultancy with the mission to create accessible, delightful and equitable digital experiences.

Silja is currently working on an algorithm to predict person-environment fit and how this changes over time. Taking into account individual, organizational, physical environment and societal characteristics, this algorithm will allow employers to maximize the potential of their human capital and for employees to determine which environment would provide optimal wellbeing and success at any given time in life.

A true global citizen, Silja helped Singapore design a tech talent attraction strategy in 2019, led the implementation of patient-centered precision medicine technology for the national healthcare system in the Republic of Estonia in 2018 and graduated from the University of Cambridge with a Ph.D. in Behavioral Science in 2017.

Silja's thought leadership in healthcare and behavioral design has been featured in "The Guardian", "It's all just a bunch of BS" podcast hosted by The Behaviorist and in academic peer-reviewed literature such as "Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing".
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Holds Ph.D. in Behavioral Science from the University of Cambridge

Lived in Estonia, Hungary, the UK, Singapore and the US. Has exceptional adaptability, resilience and cross-cultural communication skills.

Coached elite and Olympic athletes in Europe, resulting in a minimum of 20% competition level performance improvement.

Behavioral designer for startups, corporates and governments like Habitual Health, BambooHR and IMDA Singapore.