Dovilė Daugvilaitė-Zubcovė

Project Management Guru | Director of IPMA Lithuania | Consultant | Free-time blogger

 Vilnius, Lithuania

I am the one with enormous drive to get better every day in everything I do.
Long-lasting passion for project management has lead me to grow professionally and personally in that area - I am full time Project Portfolio Officer in PMO at one of Baltic banks; part-time executive director in IPMA Lithuania, free-time consultant and I have just started building my personal brand on Instagram @planas_gyvenimas.

Banking Business and personal coaching Education Management Nonprofits Social media 
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At age of 23, after being President of IPMA Young Crew Lithuania for 2 years, I became executive director of IPMA Lithuania. In total I had more than 150 people in different teams as my direct subordinates in various non-profits.

Being 23 I already had 4 years of professional project management experience in adtech and banking sectors. Together with that I have built my very first own apartment, got married and raised a dog.

For excellent performance in high school, I was given a full scholarship to study at the best business school in Lithuania, where, given the opportunity, I flew to New York to get TEDx licence for my alma matter.

Besides professional experience, I am also very experienced first soprano, choir conductor and loved music so much I dedicated 14 years of my life for that.