Ryder Carroll

NYT best-selling author | Founder of Bullet Journal | Speaker | Digital product designer

 New York

Ryder Carroll is the creator of the Bullet Journal® and co-founder of Paintapic. His work has been featured by publications including the NYT, The Wall Street Journal, LA Times, Forbes, Vogue, Fast Company, BBC, Lifehacker, and Mashable.

Bullet Journal® is a methodology – a mindfulness practice disguised as a productivity system. It is designed to help people organize their "what" while they remain mindful of their "why". The goal of the Bullet Journal is to help its practitioners (Bullet Journalists) live intentional lives, ones that are both productive and meaningful.

Ryder has over 15 years of experience crafting innovative digital solutions, which balance narrative, beauty, and usability. Among his clients and projects were Adidas, American Express, Estée Lauder, Forbes, HP, IBM, Macy's, Ann Taylor, Talbots, and Huge.

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