Liam Woodard

Business Executive, Entrepreneur, NCAA Coach, Becker's 40 Under 40

 Franklin, TN

Owner of three companies, day-to-day process and operations administrator for one of the world's most influential healthcare organizations, successful investor, father, husband, friend, athlete (NCAA), coach (NCAA), grinder and general lover of life. I've been blessed with incredible mentors, the opportunity to share my knowledge and experiences with others and believe meaningful personal connections ultimately drive positive change.

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Because of a uniquely creative upbringing, I see things differently

I'm passionate and quickly connect deeply with people from all walks of life

I succeed, based on a highly competitive background in athletics - I'll grind to win at whatever I set my mind to

I love to learn. I'm humble and easy to work with, but I will hold those I work with accountable to learning, achieving and surpassing our goals through collaborative partnership.